Few can claim such an intimate knowledge of the mountains' wild creatures and the places they live as Del Cameron. He has spent his lifetime hunting in the Rocky Mountains. More than 50 years he has been a hound man. For 40 years now he has bred, raised and trained his own strain of registered Bluetick hounds for his lion and bear hunting. He pioneered professional lion and bear hunting in the northern Rockies and was the only full time professional lion and bear guide in Montana for many years.

With his years of outdoor experience throughout the West and his personal integrity, Del Cameron became a leader in the world of sport hunting. He is one of the very few in the entire West who had a year around hunting business. Hunting was his full time occupation. He made his living off the back of a horse and with his hounds.

He personally instructed students at his unique School for Guides in the 1970's which was the first such school of its kind to be licensed by any state. He trained scores of men of all ages from all walks of life and from every part of the country. In 1975, the U. S. Department of the Army chose
The Del Cameron School for Guides for training U. S. Special Forces Units his animal packing techniques, outdoor skills and training innovations which became part of their Mountain Warfare School here in the United States and around the world. These techniques were also adopted by the U. S. Marines and the British Royal Marines for their unconventional warfare training.

Del Cameron knows this life from the rough side out because he has spent his lifetime living it. His intimacy with hounds and the game they hunted is legendary.

Now retired at age 70 after a long career as a professional hunter, big game outfitter and wilderness guide, Del Cameron still maintains some quality hounds that are among the finest of hunting bloodlines. He is at home in the mountains of western Montana and still roams the Rockies from Montana and Idaho to Arizona and New Mexico.

Del Cameron's writings over 40 years have appeared in such periodicals as "Sports Afield," "Outdoor Life," "Fur-Fish-Game," "Full Cry" and "Coonhound Bloodlines." He wrote a monthly column in a national hound publication for 20 years. His book, "Call Of The Hounds," has been acclaimed, "A hound book like none other!" It reveals a life that few have ever lived. Full of adventure, awesome experiences and factual accounts, this book truly fascinates any outdoor enthusiast with vivid descriptions portrayed by a man who actually lived it.

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