"They run to catch and tree to stay!"

Big game bred Blueticks born to strike, trail and tree America's toughest game. These hounds are fast, tough, extremely cold-nosed, loud bawl-mouthed, track-driving and game crazy. They run to catch and tree to stay, with lots of grit, desire and determination.

I have hunted my hounds for a living and I breed the hounds I hunt. These hounds have been hunted with great success on coon, bobcat, lion, bear, boar and jaguar from Canada to Central America. Cameron Hounds are sought after by professional and government hunters throughout the West and white hunters in Africa as well as by sport hunters everywhere. Today's Cameron Hounds have been tomorrow's legends for over 50 years.

I have raised pups for myself that started trailing and treeing cats at three and four months of age, then began to strike wild bear off the box at six months and treed wild cub bear at nine months. They have cold trailed and treed lion as early as seven months to one year. Cameron Hounds are medium size weighing 60 - 70 pounds, are extremely cold-nosed and people friendly. Most have long bawling voices that sound like a ram's horn.

My breeding program is family-centered around outstanding individuals that came from niche matings of outstanding individuals generation after generation. This concentrates the qualities I want and maintains these dominant traits. The results can be measured by the many hunters that bought pups from me over 50 years and have claimed the Cameron Hounds to be the coldest nosed, big game gettingest hounds they have ever seen.

These hounds are high-energy, high-drive hounds. They are the kind that can be hunted in the roughest country day after day after day. They hold up when others fade. They keep going when others give up. They are exceptional hard-driving, long-staying game getters that know no quit. Contrary to some opinions, hounds don't have to be huge to look like hounds. These hounds are like those we had 50 years ago. They look like hounds, they sound like hounds and they hunt like hounds. They are extremely cold-nosed, loud-voiced and don't straddle a track. They are not bred to get degrees or ribbons but to put game in trees.

Cameron Hounds have also been used successsfully for man trailing in search and rescue missions as well as in law enforcement work. Their versatility for this kind of tracking is due to their cold-nose abilities and their high intelligence. Others are using Cameron Hounds as foundation stock to breed into their own hounds to get a colder nose, better looks and determined hunting abilities for coon and big game.

I never had 50 brood bitches to supply everyone with pups all the time. You would not want that kind anyway. Choice selective breeding takes time and this kind of hound is not mass produced. You just don't get hounds like this any other way.

Pure Cameron pups always have been good-looking and early-starting from pack leaders that are very intelligent and outgoing with good homing instincts. They try to please and most make top strike dogs from rig or dry ground. However, at my age I am no longer offering pups.

What One Hunter Said About Cameron Hounds more than 45 Years Ago:
I received this letter on a pair of pups I sold to Oregon - dated August, 1965.

Dear Del,
The pups you sent were in good health and condition upon arrival. You can be very proud of the quality hounds you are offering. Hounds such as these don't just happen and hunters can be grateful that breeders with your high standards do exist. The determination and intelligence displayed by these young hounds on their first run was remarkable. Rattler's voice must be still bouncing around those canyons because anything that real just couldn't disappear. They will never be for sale as long as I can keep hounds. 

Glenn Dexter, Gold Beach, Oregon

Here is what hunters today say about Cameron Hounds:

"Everybody I've talked to about a Bluetick says to get a Cameron hound." - Utah

"I'm so impressed with the puppy I got from you that I'm sending money today for another one." - Oregon

"So many dogs these days don't have any bottom, but your hounds are about as tough as hounds get." - New Mexico

"Your hounds cold trail better than most local-bred dogs and run a bad track faster." - Arizona

"The pup I got from you started running bear at five months. Now my Walker can't outrun her." - Idaho

"These hounds can cold trail when others don't know a track is there." - Montana

"My Cameron Hound is as fine a hound as I've ever seen. She can do it all on bobcat, lion and bear on dry ground." - Utah

"If your hounds get any better than the three pups we got from you, they will hit the ground running when they are born." - Oregon

"If I had it to do all over again, I would start out with Cameron hounds." - Washington


Here's More:

"I thought I had good hounds till I got some from you." - Idaho 

"The pup I got from you has NO FEAR! He is always right in a bayed bear's face - Virginia

"The female pup I got from you has become the hardest hunter and tree hound I've ever seen !" - Canada

"I am tickled pink with both my pups' conformation and intelligence." - New Mexico

"My pup about tore the cage apart on the first coon he ever saw." - Ohio

"Both my 8 month old female Cameron Hounds bay a training bear right in it's face." - Tennessee

"My pup is already doing as good as any grown hound I've ever had." - Oregon

"The pup I got from you became my best hound for Jaguar before he was 2 years old" - Guatemala

"My Cameron female won the 1992 AKC Pennsylvania State Championship." -Pennsylvania

"I'm sure excited about the pup you sent me. I'll be ordering another one soon." - New York

"I've just not seen nicer pups." - Tennessee

"Once you get a Cameron Hound, you will want another." - Indiana

Still More:

"The pup I got from you is one of the best I've seen. She now starts her own lion, bear and bobcat on dry ground, bays a mean bear close and is a great tree dog. She forced a lion ahead of my other hounds at the edge of a cliff where it cut her face, but she kept it there and never gave an inch. And she caught a bobcat by herself and kept it treed for four hours till we found her. I am very impressed and sending a check for another pup." - Professional Hunter, New Mexico

"Twenty one hounds were turned out on a bear and this 17 month old Cameron Hound caught and bayed it by herself and held it for an hour before some of the others got to her. I want to order another one." - Idaho

"The male pup you sent me ran and treed the first time out and has never run any off-game. I've had hounds all my life and this is the second best hound I've ever had." - Florida

"My Cameron Hound cold-trailed lion at eight months by himself, then struck, trailed and bayed a big bear till I got to him when he was 11 months old. He is outstanding. I'm sending money for another one." - Oregon

"My pup is a beauty and looks like those I got years ago." - New York

"This Cameron Hound at seven months cold-trailed and bayed wild boar ahead of veteran dogs. He would grab hogs and not let go. A year later he struck the first lion he ever smelled on dry ground and treed it by himself. He works a cold track in hot weather like an old hound by licking rocks and picking scent off the brush. On the first bear he ever ran, he was the last of 12 hounds turned out and the only hound still on the bear at dark. We could hear him above everything else during the day and found him treed by himself the next morning. He's a one-dog bear pack. I would like to get another pup from you." - California

"The Cameron pup you sent me is the most houndy-looking pup I've ever seen and has a voice like nothing else." - Canada

"My young Cameron Hounds struck a huge 450 pound bear, fought it close in real rough country and forced it to tree.  They held it there for several hours bawling furiously till we could get to them and kill it.  It's skull measured just under the Record Book minimum." - New Mexico


The Latest:

"I've never seen anything like how these Cameron pups I got from you get after a cat. They are fanatics and can pick up a track when nothing else can." - Arizona

"My Cameron Hound is as good as any I've seen and he's been that way since a pup. His feet are tough as steel. He can handle dry ground, rock and hot weather as good as anything at 15 months." - Utah

"My Cameron Hound is the best lion dog I've ever had. Hunters who see him say he is fantastic and have never seen anything like him." - Idaho

"The Cameron pup I got from you is doing great on coon and has been on some bear. He is real cold-nosed and can find a coon track when nothing else can." - Virginia

"Our Cameron Hound is doing just great. He's been treeing bobcats, Canada lynx and mountain lions. One was a 190 pound tom! No one here has seen anything like him." - Canada

"My Cameron female trees hard on coon with a loud bawl, just no quit in her. She also is a grand show champion!" - Iowa

"A friend couldn't start a bear track he saw so I went the next day with the Cameron female I got from you and she took the track and treed the bear!! People here can't believe it." - California

"I am very happy with the pup I got from you this fall. He sure has a lot of hunt in him. At 4 months he was on his first lion and trailed and treed excellent!! So far this year he's been on 4 lions and 2 bobcats. He caught one of the bobcats on the ground and gave it a good fight. I have had a lot of good comments from everyone who has seen him and he is worth his weight in gold to me already. I want to get some more from you and phase out my other hounds. I can hunt my Cameron Hounds here on dry ground and have less competition when others need snow." - Nevada

"I just can't say enough about the quality of hounds that you have produced" - West Virginia

"The pup I got from you is truly unbelievable. He has been treeing coons since he was 5 months old and has now treed lions at 7 months. I am very pleased and am sending a check for another pup. Thanks for breeding this kind of hound!" - Wyoming

"Wise houndsmen can learn a lot from Cameron. He still breeds the whole hound, a game getter under a wide range of conditions." - Larry Mueller - Outdoor Life Hunting Dogs Editor.


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